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If you’re a Fluxy customer, you should be familiar with cPanel. Even if you’re hosting your website with another provider, it’s likely you’ve used cPanel either way, as it’s one of the most popular control panels.  

cPanel have recently announced a significant price increase for its licenses for the 5th time in a row, despite plenty of negative feedback, cPanel is sticking to their decision, claiming that their hardware was upgraded since their last price announcement.

I’d like to point out that it isn’t just cPanel that are raising the costs, everything from server costs to software licensing and other resources are constantly on the rise, and unfortunately, we have little choice but to pass some of this cost onto our clients.

Like all of cPanel’s partners, Fluxy was affected by this change and it’s forced us to review the pricing of our hosting packages. You can find the our new pricing structure listed below.

Standard Flux£20.00 per year£25.00 per year
Unlimited Flux£40.00 per year£50.00 per year

Effective immediately, the revised pricing will be updated on our website. For new orders, the updated prices will be applicable immediately from this date. For our existing valued clients, any invoices generated after 1st January 2024 will reflect the updated prices.

We do our best to price competitively, but we know it’s always possible to get cheaper deals by shopping around. However, when it comes to the long term security, UK support and reliability of the digital assets of your business, cheaper isn’t necessarily better. Our UK based customer service teams remain committed to supporting you and your business – for the long haul.

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